5G The Fastest Speed Network

5G The Fastest Speed Network:

What do you know about 5G Network? What are the benefits of 5G? How 5G can do better than 4G LTE? Many more questions are in your mind and ours too.

As for now, we are here with some of the details that can make you familiar with 5G. Many telecommunication companies (Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and many more) are rolling 5G coverage in the coming days. The US is already having 5G similarly it was having 4G. Now we will explain what 5G can do.

Generations of Cellular Network Technology:

1st Generation: 1G was the first network technology used when the phone launched for the first time.

2nd Generation: 2G was the technology that introduces digitalization to the world. GSM based mobile phones were used in this technology also these phones were capable of sending and receiving text messages.

3rd Generation: 3G technology changed the digital innovation provided by the 2G. This 3G technology introduced the new era of digitalization by introducing live streaming, mobile TVs, video calls, and more secure network connections than ever before.

4th Generation: 4G was the last generation we were using. People experienced a very fast speed internet which can play live videos of high resolution. It can also help people to download the data at a very high speed.

5th Generation: What’s new? Yes in this article below you will find out what’s new in this 5th generation.

Before going further we must know about some of the terminologies.

  1. Latency: This term is related to the delay in the action launch and completion of any device. To make it easy to understand “the delay when you make a call and the respective person receives your call”. In 4G this time is about 50 milliseconds.
  2. IoT: Internet of Things: Internet of Things is a system interconnected with computing devices, machines, objects, animals and people that are provided with UIDs (Unique Identifiers) and ability to transfer data over the network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

5G cellular network:

This 5G network is capable of reducing the latency from 50 milliseconds to one millisecond. This will benefit the games like Dota and LOL and players can experience the best multiplayer platform online. Similarly, Apps like Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, Imo, etc. will perform at their best in 5G because the delay will reduce to zero levels.

Downloading and Uploading:

You will experience a new era of speed ahead. 5G network speed will be so fast that you have never experienced it before. Downloading speed will increase up to 20 gigabits per second. Similarly, Uploading speed will enhance to 10 gigabits per second. This increase in speed will download movies and songs just in the blink of an eye.

This 5G will transform the world into the digital world. In this 5G world, everything non-living will connect with the living and give this world a new shape and style. People will have control over their palms. Just tapping a button on their palm can switch on the light (at a lower level). This same phenomenon will be observed in Industries where a single tap can start/stop the machinery. Transmitting of data will be so easy and fast that it was never before.


Nowadays, NEWS is full of events with technological advancements and innovations.  This 5G network will require the devices with 5G enabled. These devices are under manufacturing in the industry. Many companies have recently launched 5G enabled devices. More devices are just on their way to the market. You will see all the devices 5G enabled soon. Remain in contact with this site to have more futuristic news feed ahead.

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