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Apple Arcade Games has amazed us. It had an amusing launch series and had a lot of tempting latest additions for an all-you-can-play service to adopt. With its Arcade entrants, Apple might be more limited than the free-to-play, in-app-payment-loaded games found in the App Store, but there are still 100 games to choose from — it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Although most of you are going to play Arcade from your phone, don’t forget that you too can play through, iPad, Mac, or even your Apple TV.

If you are a fan of mystery games try some of the best games like:

Tangle Tower (Apple Arcade Games)

This different spin on a puzzle game will see you climbing the Tangle Tower up and down and uncovering its mysteries. You’ll be on the lookout for a killer too. That’s because little Freya Fellow on top of the Tangle Tower was killed. The only lead you have is a masked figure, knife in hand, standing over her body. Yet there is an issue here: the chief suspect is just a painting.

To crack the crime, you’ll need to look at clues, investigate the tower’s different spaces, solve puzzles, and interview residents of the tower. A recent update has introduced a feature of the Art Gallery, which allows you to display concept art and design notes for anything in the game.

Apple Arcade Games

Jenny LeClue – Detectiveu (Apple Arcade Games)

In this stylized mystery, you assume the role of Jenny LeClue, a young girl who lives in Arthurton, a sleepy small town where nothing seems to happen. Jenny has aspirations to be a detective but her small little town makes her feel stifled.

Even so, Jenny is plunged head-first into a case when her mother is accused of a murder that couldn’t have greater consequences. You’ll need to find clues to clear the name of her mother, deduce information, and uncover the real killer. The story also twists outside of Jenny ‘s tale, in a metanarrative that follows the author of the novel, Arthur K. Finklestein.

For the story of Jenny, Finklestein will serve as your narrator, but he also allows people to make decisions that alter the story.

Jenny LeClue-Detectiveu comes in the form of a story in a story, exploring family and identity themes as you make choices that influence the story of Jenny. With a beautiful art style that just seems handmade, the game makes a good impression thanks to its setting, engaging characters, and more. Mystery fans will certainly find it out with their subscription to Apple Arcade.

Inmost (Apple Arcade Games)

Throughout this moody, surreal adventure game, you are exploring themes of seeking hope in the midst of tragedy and suffering through two continents, bouncing between different characters as they explore the surrounding landscapes and battle their worlds’ darkness.

All of the three characters has a specific style of play which they can use to face the dangers of the world. Practically includes a unique interconnected story set in two separate worlds, spinning a deeply dramatic tale recreated by voice actors Andrew Dennis and Cassandra Lee Morris.

When you travel through the world of the game, you will need to learn all its secrets to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. You’ll have to face countless enemies, avoid traps, and solve puzzles to complete your journey.

You swap between three characters with different abilities and control systems, thereby creating a rich adventure that tries to deal with mature themes without excessive signposting. Inmost is a game worth your time.

The Bradwell Conspiracy (Apple Arcade Games)

Although the Bradwell Conspiracy starts as a survival game which requires you to evade a disaster. And as you make your way via the museum where you’re locked in, you’ll come across something that’s far more dangerous at hand, and a reality to discover.

Within this narrative-driven first-person story, you are playing the survivor of an explosion that occurred during a fundraiser for a museum. Through interaction with another survivor through the Bradwell Guide Glass, you’re wearing, you’re sending them pictures in the expectation they can direct you out of danger.

Nonetheless, along the journey, you’ll discover a significant meaning behind the blast that shook the museum and trapped you in it. When you succeed in your escape, you’ll have to solve puzzles and explore the world to find the reality behind your plight.

With a distinctive visual style and exciting discovery and puzzle gameplay, the Bradwell Conspiracy features a fully-voiced, story-driven experience. Users definitely choose to think about giving this one a try.

Neo Cab (Apple Arcade Games)

You take on the part of Lina, the last human driver-for-hire in Los Ojos, in this cyberpunk headline. Using the Neo Cab app, you choose which passengers you’ll take to their locations.

As you drive your passengers, or pax, towards where they have to go, you will discover that each of them has its own secrets to share or to reveal for you. You will also need to figure out what happened to Savy, the best friend of Lina’s. Behind all this is the constant stress of having to keep your perfect driver rating to remain on the lane.

The extremely dramatic, stylized game encourages you to hold on to your humanity while you are grappling with what every passenger has to crack at you when navigating the traffic grid of the city.

If you are searching for anything off the beaten track a little bit, be sure to download Neo Cab from Apple Arcade.

Murder Mystery Machine (Apple Arcade Games)

Users recognize two detectives in their investigation of what seems to be a simple murder, Cassandra Clarke and Nate Houston. They notice themselves roped into a complex number of similar crimes as the detectives start investigating.

Murder Mystery Machine introduces itself as a basic isometric adventure game that places you in control of an investigation that is constant through. You are going to investigate crime scenes, locate leads, analyze evidence, query suspects, and more.

This game is episodic, with three episodes currently available in-game. And as this is accessible via Apple Arcade, you ‘re not going to have to pay extra for new episodes.


The Get Out Kids (Apple Arcade Games)

As Molly sneaks out of her house with her puppy, Moses, to meet her friend Salim at their favorite drive-in-theater for a midnight screening of “Ghostblasters,” she feels she’s in for the best film of fall 1984. Yet what she will discover really is an adventure night she will never forget.

Under unexplained circumstances, Moses is absent on her route to the drive-in. To order to locate him, Molly and Salim must team up. To locate the dog, you’ll need to follow the clues, solving a wide range of puzzles along the way to locate the dog and safely return it to your house.

In a sequence of three-dimensional dioramas, the story introduces itself in a friendly, interactive style of the art full of puzzles and interesting details that help move the story ahead.

Lifelike (Apple Arcade Games)

In Lifelike you operate as a tiny ball of light, communicating with the particles (organisms?) surrounding you and creating melodies. The game is broken down into levels that also serve as a list of songs, with each providing a specific dynamic audio experience and communication. There’s no guide built-in, it’s up to you to find out what to do and how to go. Discovery is half Lifelike’s jubilation.

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