Apple Card for Apple Users

What is the Apple Card?

Apple Card

Here in this article, we will provide you information about the new Apple Card. Apple introduced this card in August and is available to everyone now. This is a great step taken by Apple to introduce its own payment method.

This card is sponsored by Mastercard and Goldman Sachs; Apple users were using Apple Pay before this card but it’s different from Apple Card. This card is used for purchasing goods, services, and transactions in online stores.

You are heaving with questions, and so are we.

This Credit Card would be able to make mobile payments globally? How this would affect the user if they switch phones? What are the incentives for using this card?  What is the process for applying for this Card? All the information is not available with us right now, but as soon as Apple will provide the info Infinity Club will be first to share it with you.

This is a new branded card for iPhone users. This is a physical card just like a credit card of any bank. The card is made up of titanium and the user’s name is etched on it.

Is this card available to Android Users?

No, this is only for Apple Users. You can sign up for the card using the iPhone and make payments from it as well. You don’t need a separate app or browser for performing transactions these transactions take place locally on your phone.

What will happen if I lose my Card?

You can easily apply for a new card from Apple, while your virtual card remains in use.

If anyone loses his iPhone, Can he still pay his bills?

Losing his iPhone is more startling than losing titanium Apple Card, But if we talk about bills, Yes he can pay his bills while he searches his phone. There are many ways to protect your Card information, just click on this link then you will know how to protect your Card information if you lose your iPhone.

Where can we use this Card?

This Card is backed by Master Card so you can use it in apps, online stores, web applications and physical stores where Master Card is accepted.

What is the process of sign up for Apple Card?

This card is available in the Wallet app of your iPhone; you can sign up by clicking on the Apple Card prompt within the Wallet. You can go through this link to the application process to know about how to apply for this Card. There is another way to sign up using this link to sign up on Apple’s site. You have to keep in mind that you will receive an invitation from Apple Before you start this process.


What are the criteria for eligibility to apply for this Card?

Apple didn’t share details about the eligibility of the customer who can apply. Apple has just stated that if you are approved you are eligible to use this card.

Will this card be available internationally?

The news from Apple say “Yes”. This Card will be available internationally to all users of Apple. We can say that Apple is using this card in the US for beta testing. This is also possible that Apple is negotiating with other banks globally.

Which Bank is supporting Apple Card?

Goldman Sachs is supporting this Card as its MasterCard.

How it helps anyone track his finances?

Yes, this is similar to other finance tracking apps. If you have used any one of those you will easily track your finance records. This will show your expenses and balance. This app also shows how much expenditure have you made on which category. Your credit and balance history will also be displayed from which you can easily have a track of your finances.

Total Balance

Are there any rewards for using this card?

Yes, Apple has a program named Daily Cash. This program gives cash back on every dollar you spend.

There is a list below which shows how much you get when you purchase something:

  • 1% when you use the titanium Apple Card (physical card) 
  • 2% when you use the Apple Card (digital) on any purchase
  • 3% when you use the Apple Card (digital) on purchases you make directly from Apple

Is Daily Cash real cash?

Yes, this Daily Cash is just similar to the cash you have in your wallet. You can use this cash to purchase whatever you want and from wherever you want. You can use this Daily Cash in apps, web stores, and online stores and pay down your balance.

Daily Cash

Is Apple Card secure?

Apple has emphasized on four ways they are keeping it secure.

1st Point: When anyone first gets his Apple Card, a unique device number is created on his iPhone. Then it’s locked away in the secure element.

2nd Point: Whenever you start a process to purchase anything this will require a device number along with a one-time dynamic security code that iPhone generates when you authorize a purchase.

3rd Point: This card doesn’t have any number on it, not even a CVV. So, this makes it more secure. And you don’t need to worry when you hand over your card to anyone while shopping or eating anything from a restaurant.

4th Point: This is very secure because even Apple is not knowing what you have purchased and from where. Just Goldman Sachs tracks your record and they are not authorized to share or sell your data to third parties for advertisements.

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