Apple Watch Series 5 – Always-on Display

Apple Watch Series 5, a very new wristwatch with smartness. Yes, this new gadget will give you an innovative touch right on your wrist. The appearance, style, case, and band everything in it is just awesome. You will love to have this watch on your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 5 Material:

Apple gives customers the liberty to buy this watch in four different materials (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, and Titanium). Similarly, the bands have multiple designs and materials. So, go to Apple Watch Studio and select the band of your choice.

Apple Watch Materials


First time in Apple Watch Series, Apple introduces (Always-on display). This in result gives you a feel of normal wristwatch but with many new features and appearances. Apple Watch comes in two different sizes 40mm and 44mm.

The always-on display is making Apple smartwatch users happier than ever. This is in demand of apple watch users since the first apple watch introduced in the market. Just glance at your smartwatch and see what’s going on. You can see the time in a glance, play the music, read messages, and do much more using this always-on display feature. There is another interesting feature, which is available in smartphones, just raise the level of the watch and the screen turns brighter than normal. When not in use it slightly dims the screen to conserve the energy. However, to make it convenient for everyone, Apple has also given an option to turn this Always-on display feature on or off. In addition to this, you have to be very careful in charging your watch daily. The battery only longs for 18 hours which is not adequate.

Digital Compass:

Now, you can find the way on the map using this digital compass, the brand new feature in Apple Watch Series 5. This feature allows users to record heading, longitude, latitude, incline, and elevation. This application is more useful when you’re finding the way in a new place and you have a map, but you don’t know which way you are facing. In addition to this, Digital compass also works with third-party apps.

Technical Specifications Apple Watch Series 5:

Processor:     S4

OS:                 Watch OS6

Chip:              W1

Battery:         18 hours

Watch OS 6:

This new OS brings many watch faces with it. Apple smartwatch users are in love with these faces. Especially the California and Numeral Duo addition in watch faces make it more adorable. This watch OS 6 decreases the need for the iPhone in hand. Now, you can just use your Apple Watch Series 5 to do as many tasks as you want, because all the features are added in this series 5 watches with OS 6. OS 6 allows you to download applications right on this watch from the App store. OS 6 also brings a calculator right to your wrist. Now you can calculate your bills by taping on your watch. Also, you don’t need to take out your iPhone to pay those bills, because this task can also be completed using Apple Watch Series 5 with OS 6.

This is all about the new features of Apple Watch Series 5. You may also like our articles related to the iPhone and iPad.

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