Apple Watch Series 6 2020- Amazing Stuff Coming Our Way!

Apple Watch Series 6 2020 is coming!

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 2020, one of the many products to be released this year. As most of you know, WWDC 2020 has been made an online experience. This has led to a lot of speculation amongst users regarding the Apple Watch and, the watchOS. However, we’ve got all the latest leaks according to which we can predict better water resistance, smarter screen technology, and, possibly, a branded new redesign of the watch.

Debunking the rumors

So, the successor to the Series 5 isn’t expected to arrive until this fall in September. We will also be seeing the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 max launch at the same release date. However, there have been a lot of leaks and rumors regarding a new design for the Apple Watch Series 6. According to speculations, most people tend to think that Series 6 will launch this year. However, we think the chances of this happening are low.

Apple Watch Series 6 – Too soon to say anything?

Apple Watch Series 6

Firstly, Apple is very unlikely to take an approach as the one Samsung took. Even if they do, we still think the idea of a redesigned Series 6 launching anytime soon seems too far fetched. Secondly, this whole process of redesigning a product requires loads of research and development, which involves years and years of preparation to plan on a new design. In either of the cases, Apple would still have to rework the hardware and software of the Apple Watch to ensure real change for users and, that requires time. So, chances of Apple launching its Series 6 this year are bleak.

How does the Series 6 look?

Apple Watch Series 6

As far as the appearance is concerned, rumors suggest that the next screen on technology display will be implemented on the Apple Watch Series 6. Before the Series 5 featured the always-on display and, believe it or not, that was, by far, the best change that has happened to the whole Apple Watch Series. It was definitely a small change but, the fact that it was being introduced for the first time in the Apple Watch Series, it hyped up the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5.

We think that Apple, whether intentionally or not, set a trend of exceeding the expectations with the launch of the Series 5. Keeping that in mind, we think that people would like to see something even bigger than the always-on display and better Wi-Fi. We think that Apple knows this and, we also think that they will be working really hard trying to come up with something that could blow the curtains wide.

Can the Apple Watch Series 6 meet the expectations?

Apple Watch Series 6

So far, Apple looks to be on track as, lately, we have seen them promising their users about better water resistance for the Series 6. So, for those of you who are on the run or would actually want to swim while wearing your Apple Watch, this feature is very beneficial. After the release of the iPhone 11, it seems like Apple has taken wallpapers seriously. Last year, we didn’t see much improvement but this year there was a considerable increase in the quality. Part of the reason has to do with the third-party apps being allowed permission to get more wallpapers or share their wallpapers to others.

The Future of the Apple Watch Series

Apple Watch Series 6

Regardless, so far, we haven’t seen anything like an actual default wallpaper specifically for the Apple Watch. We think that Apple needs to make this transition and actually keep on going with this in years to come. They have to make sure everything has to be in order and everything has to look clean.

Taking all the leaks into consideration, we think the price range will be pretty similar to the Apple Watch Series 5. Currently, in the US, the Apple Watch Series 5 starts at $399 and goes on till $499 for the Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular). Now, that is a considerable amount and that is why we think that Apple needs to bring something to the table, in the shape of the Apple Watch Series 6, that not just justifies the price tag but also satisfies their consumers.

That is it form us here at the Infinity Club. Stay tuned for further updates.

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