80 Must have Best Android Apps in 2020 (complete guide)

In this period of new advances, where changes are taking place in every region, it’s hard to stay informed. For example, you’ve got all the devices and accessories, but you don’t have the expertise and guidance. When you open your smartphone, there are so many applications created and released each day.

The idea behind this technology is to take you around the globe in very little time and just with one touch. Play stores are divided into many categories and each category has its applications. It is all about making life and task easy. Question is what to do if you don’t have enough knowledge? How to get the information regarding these applications? The complete roadmap to the best android apps in 2020 is here and you don’t need to worry anymore.

What are the different categories?

The application categories include AR and VR, games, health, writing, social media, shopping, education, transportation, security, photography, editing, music, weather, finance, dating, books, podcasts, and much more. All these categories have different applications and they are built according to the basic requirements of the people. we have chosen best Android Apps in 2020 in each category.

Best Android Apps in 2020

The AR and VR applications:

YouTube VR:

In this application that produces a YouTube start screen in a 3D environment, you can view all famous videos in high quality.

IKEA place:

It gives a better visualization of the furniture.


Now measuring items have become easy. You don’t require an inch tape to measure the corner of your room. Just use this and move around the corner of your room to get the precise measurements.

Star Walk:

Do you love stargazing? Download this application and enjoy the night view.

Vuforia chalk:

It elucidates and illustrates the real image to make it easy for the user.

Solar Walk:

Travel to the Earth, moon and different planets with this amazing application. Visualize the earth and get the feel of an astronaut.

Storage Applications:

Saving data like important pictures, audios, videos, documents, etc is a big deal because you might lose important stuff and sometimes the device gets occupied by the virus. To avoid this problem download storage apps like drop boxes, Google drive, One Drive. These applications can store maximum data so you don’t have to worry.

Dating and relationship:

Find your perfect match with applications like Tinder, OkCupid, and Grindr. Save your time. These apps are not just for straight it is also for the LGBTQ like Grindr. Update your preferences and meet your partner. Swipe right if your preferences match.


Are you worried about loans? Download Affirm and apply for short duration loans. You can also manage your accounts and you can track all of your investments and spending’s through Mint. There are applications like Robinhood, Investing.com and Penny Stocks which allows you to do stock exchange and marketing. If you are looking for such opportunities browse now.


We all love gaming. The best part is there are categories of games like Adventurous, girl games, action, art, etc. Remember there are certain games which we used to play in childhood, all of these games are available now. Revive your old times. There are battle games like Clash Royale, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, adventurous games including Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery, Minecraft, mind and puzzle games like Mini Metro, Leo’s Fortune, The room: old sins and a vast category of games available on play store and these are best Android Apps in 2020 in games category.

Health and fitness:

In our busy schedule, we ignore our health and it is not easy to track everything. Now Estimation of calories, maintaining sleep patterns, menstrual charts, estimating the expected delivery date is very easy and simple. For example, you plan on doing dieting and you don’t know how to start. Download Myfitnesspal and track your calories. You can also set your target weight. There are other apps like Poketyoga to teach you yoga, Tabata Timer which helps you in training, Glow which calculates your menstrual cycle and helps women of reproductive age, Calm as the name says it is all about relaxing you and other apps like C25K, etc.


Music is the favorite hobby of everyone. We listen to music while driving, sleeping, eating, traveling and most of the time. Download applications like Soundcloud, Spotify and create your playlist. The best part is these applications can be downloaded in Android as well as iOS. If you wish to listen radio and want to make your stations download Pandora. These applications allow all types of music genres and from original, to remix songs you can enjoy your favorite music.


Online shopping is so much fun. You can do groceries buy staying at home. Get to know more about fashion and new products by downloading apps like Amazon, ASOS, Etsy, Houzz, etc. If you want to buy home products in your budget, Wayfair is a suitable app. eBay helps in scanning the products it reads through the barcodes and helps you in searching the product and its details. You can buy home products, clothing, makeup, jewelry, shoes, mans wear all through online shopping. These applications also offer a discount and these are best Android Apps in 2020 for this category.


It’s fun to make presentations, record data with software like Microsoft office. This is a complete package. Microsoft Word is a popular application that allows you to make a presentation, resume, CV, write content, make assignments, etc. Evernote allows you o make notes and save them. iA writer is a perfect notepad app. These apps have all the writing tools available.

All about books, audiobooks, and podcasting:

Listen to audio stories by downloading Google podcasts. Listen to millions of episodes. Other podcasts app includes Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts and TuneIn. You can also listen to audiobooks through Audible. Are you a fan of comics? Download Comics and Comic screen to view interesting comics. Read eBooks, listen to audio books with Libby and Kindle Reader.


Learn new languages, gain new knowledge and information, listen to motivational speeches through Memrise, StudyBlue, Flashcards, Ted, respectively.

The film, shows, and TV:

Planning movies and shows with friends or family is a great idea. Make your late-night plans more interesting with Netflix, FireTV, HBO Now, Hulu, IMDb Prime Video, YouTube and have the best time with your loved ones.


Are you a foodie? Do you love ordering food for yourself? Use Uber Eats, Seamless, OpenTable and GrubHub like apps. Order your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants and you can also avail discount with these apps.

Messaging and Social Media:

Stay connected with your friends and the world with Facebook, Whatsapp Messanger, Google hangouts, Discord, signal, android messages, and slack. All these communication applications allow you to message, call your loved ones and stay n contact even if you are s thousand miles apart. Make new friends and contacts with Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. Enjoy vial videos and know what is trending with apps like Reddit and Pinterest.

Photography and Videography:

Create amazing videos and edit your photos with Google Clips, Snapseed and Prisma. You can even save your photos or create a backup with google photos.


Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps

Email, make presentations, develop spreadsheets, Browse with Gmail, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Google Chrome respectively. You can also download Tasker, Google Tasks, Wunderlist, and Todoist to keep a check on your daily routine, SwiftKey Keyboard for writing tools, Calculator app to make mathematics easy. This is all about making life simple.

Traveling and transportation:

Book your ride and track your routes with Uber and google maps respectively. You can also book your hotel and vacation spot with Airbnb.

Weather updates:

The Weather Channel, Dark Sky, Carrot Weather, all are designed to keep you updated with the weather changes. You can use this application anytime and it will inform you about the changes in weather hourly, daily, weekly or even the current situation.

Graphic Designing:

Make E-posters, edit your pictures, sketch pictures with Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Prisma 3D, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Illustrator Draw, and Pigment, construct new images with the best graphic designing tool. This field is in demand these days and these are best Android Apps in 2020 for this category.

There is a variety of Android and iPhone applications. Make your life easy and interesting by using them.

If you are iPhone users then our article about play store apps can help you in finding Best Apps for iPhone Users in 2020.


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