iOS 13 Dark Mode for iPhones: New Feature introduced by Apple

Apple has introduced a new feature of dark mode for iPhones. This mode will be similar to Google’s Dark Mode in Android. This dark mode on the iPhone will be available soon to the users on iOS 13. It’s available in the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max which Apple has recently announced.

This dark mode on the iPhone will be very useful in the dark. In low light, it is difficult to read in black as it doesn’t glance on the screen. This mode will bring the options and text to shine on the screen while the background is black or dark grey. This mode will change the background color from white to black.

This phenomenon will help users to reduce eye strain; it will also make the screen easier to read especially in dark (night). These are the two reason that has made this dark mode famous.

As you know, this dark mode is a trend right now in phones and applications. Google Maps is already using this dark mode. Google is also using this theme in its Android 10 update. Apple has already implemented this theme in the last versions of Desktop OS, macOS Mojave so this makes the dark mode inescapable.

Apple has not shared much information about this dark theme. But the infinity club has gathered some information from different sources about the dark mode on the iPhone.

When this Dark Mode will be available to my iPhone?

As we have mentioned that this feature is on the way. You will be getting it with iOS 13 update for iPhone 6S and newer. This is also available in Apple’s iOS 13 public beta, but beta may have bugs so there could be any of that.

Apple Dark Mode
Apple Dark Mode

How can I switch it on?

Control Center: Yes, you can turn it on from the control center (either down from the top right corner or up from the bottom depending on your iPhone).  Then dark mode is just a tap away, you can tap on the button to turn on the dark mode. This mode can be customized or tweaked as required. This customization is similar to the other apps with a dark mode in the market. You can set hours as night and it will change the iPhone to dark mode.

Note: If you want to make your screen extra dark you can lower its brightness.

Will, it automatically works with all apps on my iPhone?

The answer is yes, dark mode on the iPhone will work with all the system apps like Messages, Camera, Photo Gallery, Calendar, Maps, Safari, and Menus. All the apps that are controlled by Apple should support the Dark Mode. Conversely, third-party apps might not work with dark mode immediately. As you know Google has also introduced dark mode in Android 10, in that it’s possible. So, we can say similarly this will be possible in iPhone apps too. Dark mode feature may automatically turn on in settings by inverting the colors.

Will this feature available on the iPad?

iPadOS is based on iOS so this dark mode feature will be available on iPad. However, for the first time in history, iOS release won’t power the iPad.  Apple has stopped the iPadOS, an exclusive version of its OS to work with the iPad’s signature tablet features.

Why is Apple introducing Dark Mode on the iPhone now?

Dark themes are famous in the market for years in third-party apps and Google is also using it before. Now, this feature is giving a good impact and it saves eye strain also. So, Apple may have thought to make users more comfortable in using its products.

Apple doesn’t seem to do things because of competition and trends in the market. Apple believes in doing things in the right order and at the right time. Another possible reason for the delay is that Apple may have first tested it on macOS Mojave and scrutinized it before launching it on all iPhones.

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