Download Frija Tool [How To Install and use Samsung Firmware Downloader]

Today in this article we have one of the best official firmware downloader tools which are known as the Frija Samsung firmware downloader tool. The Frija tool is Windows-based tool, so you can download Frija tool Samsung firmware downloader and install it on your PC/ Laptop. Nowadays Samsung devices are getting the official latest software very quickly and frequently. Some users may not get or get delay in the official software update. Sometimes due to server or region-related issues or any other problem, your device may not upgrade timely. Now this problem is solved by infinityclub and you can get the latest official update for your Samsung devices very quickly by using the Frija Samsung firmware downloader tool.

Given below we share the detailed guide on how to download and install the Frija Samsung Firmware tool. Also, we share the full steps of installing the tool on your PC and download the latest OTA firmware. Once you have downloaded this tool, then you will be able to download the latest OTA update firmware file for your Samsung device.

After downloading the latest official firmware file for your Samsung device, then you can flash it on your device with the help of the Odin flash tool. All thanks to the XDA Senior Member wssyncmldm for developing and sharing this amazing downloader tool. The Frija tool is a very fast tool to grab the latest OTA update from Samsung FUS (Firmware Update Server). The Frija tool is better than Sammobile or SamFirm or any other tool. The Frija tool require the model number and CSC number of your Samsung device.

You have to enter the model number and CSC number in the Frija tool, then it will auto-detect the latest official firmware for your device. Flashing the official firmware on your device can resolve many problems of your device such as it fixes the bugs, fixes the software issues, increase the battery timing, and much more. If you are interested in downloading and installing the Frija Samsung firmware downloader tool and want to download the latest official OTA firmware for your Samsung devices, then go ahead and follow the given instructions.

download frija tool
Frija Samsung firmware

Warning: will not be held responsible for bricking/damaging or any kind of problem that occurred to your Android Device while following this tutorial. Do it at your own risk.

Pre-Requirements (download frija tool)

Download Frija Tool Samsung Firmware Downloader :

Using Samsung Firmware Download Frija Tool

  1. First, download Frija Tool (latest version) on your Windows PC.
  2. Now unzip the downloaded zip file and open the folder.
  3. Double-click ‘Frija.exe‘ to run it and wait for the program to launch.
  4. To download the latest Samsung firmware for your device, leave the ‘Auto‘ option enabled. Click on the ‘Model‘ field and enter the model number of your Samsung phone or tablet device.
  5. If you don’t know the model number of your Samsung device, you can find it out by going to Settings> About phone.
  6. The next thing you need is the CSC code of your Samsung device. To find out the CSC, open the phone dialer on your device and dial *#1234#, then You’ll be able to see the AP, CP and CSC versions of your device’s software. Learn more about Samsung CSC in our detailed ap, cp, csc version
  7. The first 3 letters followed by your device’s model number in the CSC section, is the CSC of your device. There’s yet another way to find out the CSC. Go to Settings> About phone> Software information and scroll down to Service provider SW ver. You’ll find it there (see screenshot).
  8. Note it down, click the CSC field in Frija and type the 3-letter CSC firmware download tool
  9. Once you have entered the model number and CSC of your Samsung device, click the ‘Check Update‘ button in Frija. The firmware download tool will check for the Samsung firmware update for your device and show you the latest firmware version that’s available for you. As you can see below, Frija is showing the version of AP, CP, and CSC for my Galaxy S9+. It’ll also show the size of the firmware file and the OS firmware update download
  10. Just click the ‘Download‘ button to download the official Samsung firmware Odin files for your device. When the tool asks you to select a destination location to save the firmware zip file, obey it.

Done! These were the easy steps to download the latest Samsung Stock Firmware using the Frija tool. Now, follow our guide on how to install the firmware using Odin Flash Tool after the firmware is downloaded and decrypted.

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