How To Flash Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery on any Android phone

Today in this article, we will demonstrate to you how to download and Flash Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery on your Android phone. If you are the owner of the Android device and not satisfied with the official stock firmware, then installing the custom ROM on your Android device is the way through that you can enjoy lots of new features and customize your device. Custom ROM is based on the Official Android source codes which are developed by third-party developers. Custom ROMs come packed with lots of new features, customizations and speed improvements. Installing the custom ROM on any Android phone means you give a fresh breath to your device.

If you are searching for a guide on how to Flash Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery on your Android phone, then here is a simple step by step guide for you. There are a lot of different custom ROMs available over the internet. You can choose from them and flash on your phone. There are many advantages of installing the custom ROM such as improved battery life, enhanced system stability, better performance and much more. Keeping in mind, while installing the custom ROM on any Android phone, your device should have an unlocked bootloader and the latest TWRP custom recovery installed on your device.

The custom ROM is not officially supported by Google, it is just a custom firmware which is developed and maintained by third-party developers. Also, it will void your phone’s warranty. While installing the custom firmware, your entire data will be wiped clean. So before proceeding, don’t forget to take the full backup of all your phone’s valuable data. If you wish to download and Flash Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery on your Android phone, then go ahead and follow the given instructions.

Flash Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery
custom ROM on any Android phone

First you will need:

Unlocked Bootloader

Custom Recovery (TWRP)

For Samsung Devices:

Google Apps


  • Create a proper Nandroid backup of all your important data before proceeding to the installation guide to flash a custom ROM.
  • Make sure your device is rooted and you have a Custom Recovery Like TWRP is Installed.
  • USB Drivers 

Steps To Flash Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery on your Android Phone:

  1. To create a Backup, boot your device into recovery mode. This is a bit different on every phone, but usually, involves some permutation of pressing the power and volume buttons at the same time. You can easily google it, just like you did for the ROM and TWRP.
  2. In the TWRP recovery menu, select Backup, then select all the partitions you’d like to backup. Swipe at the bottom and the process will start. The backup time will depend on the read/write speed of your device, its storage, size of the firmware and apps installed.
  3. If you have downloaded the ROM and Gapps on your PC, transfer them to your phone via a USB cable. TWRP allows an MTP connection when the cable is connected.
  4. Select Install and choose the ROM file. Tap Add more zips and then select the Gapps file.
  5. Swipe at the bottom to flash the files.
  6. Once completed, tap on the Reboot system button that appears at the bottom.

Now when your device boots up, you should most probably see a new boot animation, and a fresh new ROM would be waiting right behind it.

The first boot always takes a while so don’t worry if it takes longer than usual. These were the easy steps to Flash Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery on your Android phone. While most custom ROMs can be flashed using the method described above, there can also be exceptional cases that require a specific set of steps to be taken. In such cases, the developer will likely specify the procedure himself.

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