Google Play Store Services Not Working? [play store error DF DFERH-01 Fix]

For the past couple of weeks, we have been receiving requests from our dedicated readers and viewers to write an article addressing the most frequently occurring issue in Google Play Store Services. If you are an Android user, in the past couple of weeks, you must have encountered a strange problem (play store error df-dferh-01) while accessing the Google Play Store. We have been told that many Android users when they try to access the Google Play Store, they are unable to do so because of an error called DF DFERH 01. This is most commonly displayed in the form of an error message reading: ‘Google Play Store error retrieving information from server’ when you are trying to access it.

Keep It Simple – Restart The Device

Generally, the first thing that you have to do is restart your android device. First, check if there is an internet connection in your android device and then restart the device. Generally speaking, and this works specifically for Android devices, restarting the device fixes many of the minor issues.

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Complete Checkup Of The Play Store

Now the next thing that you should be doing is tapping on the Settings app. Scrolling down and, going to the Apps section. Once the list of the apps is displayed, search for Google Play Store. Tap on it. Thereafter, tap on Storage. Select Clear Cache. Do not forget to tap on Clear Data and then tap on Okay. After doing this, you will have cleared the cache files and data for the Play Store.

Now the next thing that you have to do is check if you have the latest version of Google Play Store installed on your Android device. This is critically important. Many times, it is not able to work properly if an important update has not been installed. So, it is fundamental that you make sure your Play Store is updated. You must be thinking how will you do that. Well, for that, you just need to go ahead and open the Play Store. Tap on the menu option right at the top left corner of the screen. Tap on settings and then tap on the Play Store Version tab.

After doing that, if you get a message reading: ‘Google Play Store is up to date’ then it is fine. This basically means that you have the latest version of the Google Play Store. If not, then it will automatically update in the background. After the update is complete, hopefully, you will no longer encounter the issue.

Add/Remove Your Google Account

play store error df-dferh-01

Many people do not know about this one. This step has a lot to do with your own Google Account than the Play Store. So, basically you just need to remove your Google account from your Android device and try to use another one. In case you do not have another account, just enter the same account all over again.
The procedure is pretty simple. Follow this simple procedure:
Settings–>Accounts and Backup–>Accounts

A drop-down menu will be on display. This menu will contain a list of all the Google accounts which you have used on your device. If you have figured out which account to remove, just select that account and tap on ‘Remove Account’. A dialogue box will appear on the screen. Tap on ‘Remove account’ again. After this, your selected account will be removed from your device.  Following this, you now have to add another account to your device. Conversely, you can also add the same account to your device, if you don’t have another one. After adding the account, check if the error message goes away.

play store error df-dferh-01(resolved)

That is it from us here at the Infinity Club. We sincerely hope this fixes your issue. Stay tuned for further updates.

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