Step By Step – How To Customize Android Apps and Device [March 2020]

Hello all android users, particularly the ones who love to customize Android apps and devices. This article will provide you a step by step guide which will basically explain you to how to customize any Android device and the applications that you will be going to need.

Step 1: Wallpaper

For the first step, let’s move to the wallpaper. For that, you will be needing Resplash. Resplash is basically an Unsplash client. In case you don’t know, Unsplash is the photography based website where photographers from all over the world actually upload the photos, which you can use as a wallpaper. The good thing about this app is that you will find all kinds of wallpapers associated with different vibes. The UI of this app is also super clean. So, just log on to this site and pick the wallpaper you like. Once you have set your wallpaper let’s move on to the setup.

Step 2: Setup (customize android device)

For the second step, you’ll be needing the Nova Launcher Prime. It is probably the best in customization because it has literally every feature that, one could ask for. So, as far as the settings are concerned, you can set the desktop grid to ten by five, icon size to 90% and turn off its labels. It is further recommended that you turn off the dock and Wallpaper Scrolling. Next, set page indicator to none. In advanced section, enable widget overlap and overlap when placing option.

Step 3: App Drawer Customization (Customize Android Apps)

In the App drawer section, set icons size to 90 percent and select normal fonts. Also, do not forget to scale down the font size. From Top bar, go with the TAB BAR option along with Material Tab Style. Disable swipe up gesture and set transition animation to “FADE” then disable Fast scrollbar. Now, open Look and Feel section. Here, open Icon Style. We recommend you two icon packs: the Anum Icon Pack and Appstract Icon Pack.

Anum Icon Pack, released in the summer of 2019, comes loaded with over five thousand plus icons and has over 40 Awesome HD Wallpapers. These icons are super clean with very nice vibrant and punchy colors. I really like these icons because they’re just pure eye-catching. Also, the wallpapers are pretty dope too and they go great with these icons.

Appstract Icon Pack has some sort of geometrical and colorful look to every icon and they look super cool. It comes with over 300 icons With 21 wallpapers. All of these icons are designed geometrically. So if you’re looking for something new, something fresh, and something unique, Appstract is definitely the way to go. After picking the desired Icon Pack, move on to App Animation Section. Go with the option you like the most. You can also set up various gestures like the Home button to show previews, swipe up to open the app drawer and double-tap to open nova settings.

Step 4: KWGT Packs (customize android apps)

Next, let’s take a look at a couple of KWGT packs. The first one is Nebbia. This one is actually a pretty awesome pack. It comes with over 80 widgets with more being added soon. And the widgets themselves are really nice. They’re high quality and there’s a style for pretty much any home screen setup out there.

Another KWGT Pack that I would like to recommend u Is called Mini-ism which came out in the summer of 2019. This Pack Includes 156 custom widgets at the moment. The look and feel of these widgets is pretty awesome. Here you’ll find a lot of different kinds of widgets that are truly dope, minimalist and colorful also. The added advantage is that this pack is free on the Play Store.

Now let’s add a widget to Homescreen. You have a lot of options to choose from however, the most popular one is the Widget Number 131. This allows you to customize its colors according to my wallpaper. This is just the final touch. This setup just provides your device with a cool and modern look.

And that pretty much wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do follow the procedure mentioned here and customize android apps and device using these, you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for further updates.

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