How to Delete Built-In Apps From Your Device

How to Erase or Delete Built-In Android Apps:

  • Delete Built-In Apps on your android device
  • How you can delete Built-In Apps from your Android Phone
  • Way-1: How to delete or Uninstall Built-In / Preinstalled Apps without rooting your android phone
  • Way-2: How to delete or Uninstall Built-In / Preinstalled Apps on rooted android phone
Built-In Apps

Uninstalling Preinstalled Android Apps on Your Device:

You won’t be using most of the Built-In Apps your Smart-Phone comes with. You can’t delete them! They didn’t implement a way for that as they believe that the apps are necessary and they represent the; but you know all of that because you are reading this, Right? So, is there any way to delete these Built-In apps? Yeah, of course, there is! The thing that you need to do is only to sit back and enjoy the article!

How to Delete Built-In Apps on Your Android Phone:

These are the Apps that you do not need and you want to get rid of it is called “Bloat-ware”. These are the Apps that making your device run slow, they are full of features and take much part of your phone’s memory, and for what purpose? For nothing! Right?

Eradicate them is the best way of freeing your device’s memory. Here is the way how you can do it.

Way 1: How to Delete or Uninstall Built-In / Preinstalled Apps without Root on your Android


Since Android 4.0 came out, your phones have a built-in option that enables you to disable Bloat-ware working in the background, which makes your Phone run slow. Woefully, there is no way that you can delete or un-install Built-In Apps without rooting your android. But, you can still disable these Built-In Apps. What you have to do is, simply go to your Phone Settings Apps>Applications>Choose the App>Click on Disable

As you can see, in this section there is the list of Apps that are stored on your Android. You can delete by tapping them one by one from your android or simply disable them from running in the background. You can also do that with the one you have installed, anyway, there are also some built-in apps that your Android allows you to install.

However, your phone comes with some crucial apps for it to work smoothly. So, that cannot be deleted but can most possibly be disabled. You can also save more memory by disabling them that you do not need on your phone and also uninstalling their updates.

Way 2: How to Delete or Uninstall Built-In / Preinstalled Apps on Rooted Android Phone:


Sometimes you became extremely angry when you want to uninstall the software but your phone only permits you to disable them. Still, there is a way. This method will recover more than usual! First of all that you have to do is, your phone must have to be rooted. This is done so that you will attain full dominance over your Android device by “Hacking” into it with other software. But if you don’t afraid to do so, then here is the first step you need to take.

Now you need to install: System App Remover (ROOT)

You can easily get this App from Google Play. This app perfectly does what you need. This app runs smoothly and is straightforward to use. Now download this app, but before you use this app you should have to root your phone first. Now what you have to do just run this app and delete built-in apps from your phone. After you have selected them just tap “Uninstall” and your app is gone forever from your phone!

That’s all that you have to do!


At last, I just advise you depending on your situation, you choose what is best for you. If you only want to delete built-in apps because they take more memory and you are running low on it. The best thing for that situation is just simply to buy a Best SD card for your phone and disable those unnecessary apps on the phone.

If however, you want to get rid of these apps, then just follow the steps you have found in this article. I hope this is an interesting and useful article for you, good luck with deleting your bloat-ware!

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