How to fix battery life problems in MacBook Pro?

Battery issues quite disturb the whole mood. Using any device which tends to have battery issues makes the work more difficult and is a waste of time.

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro has in recent days sparked intense complaints in user pages from users dissatisfied with the battery life of their new laptop. The company claims that the different models offer up to 10 hours per charge, although some owners of the MacBook Pro complain that they only clocked 3.

If you don’t have too much energy out of your MacBook Pro, here are a couple of troubleshooting ideas!

Check Your usage.    

When your battery seems like it only lasts half as long, then the first way to repairing it is to find out if your usage is high or low.

Take note of how much battery life you’ve left. Leave it for some minutes. Notice how much battery life you have left once more when you come back. If there is no major change when your MacBook Pro is sleeping, you ‘re probably okay, and when your user gets back to normal, your battery capacity will recover.

  1. Press the Battery icon on the Mac menu bar to the right.
  2. Tap on an app’s name to show its power consumption.

MacBook pro

Restart your MacBook.

Rebooting really can be an easy solution to a complicated problem.

  1. In the upper left corner of your screen, click the Apple menu button.
  2. Select the Restart button
  3. A menu will popup press the Restart button to confirm.

The system will take 60 seconds to restart. To finish countdown, click the Restart button immediately and reboot the device.

MacBook pro
MacBook pro


Extend battery life.

– Turn down the brightness on the screen.

– Turn off the Wi-Fi if not in use.

– When you have to listen to the audio or song, use headphones rather than speakers.

– Turn on Automatic Graphics Switching, keep hard drives to sleep when feasible, and Wake for Wi-Fi network access options in the System Preferences section under Energy Saver. 

Update your MacBook.

For updates of macOS and to Mac App Store, the process is simple:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Click the Updates menu in the side panel.
  3. Click Update next to any application that you want to update, or press Update Everything.
  4. Enter the password for your Apple ID, if asked.

Go to the Menubar for non-Mac App Store apps and find Search for Updates in the App or Support menu area.

MacBook pro
MacBook pro

Reducing the use of high-power applications.

When your MacBook battery runs out quick it’s possibly due to some unwanted applications and functionalities that operate in the background. Disable functionalities such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, External USB, etc when not in use. Also, avoid staying idle within the integrated SuperDrive CDs or DVDs as these trigger the drive to spin constantly while using battery power for nothing.

Energy Saver is the best option.

The Energy Saver enables you to quickly allow your Mac to disable those settings that will conserve the battery life. Such settings include deactivating back-light automatically after a time of idleness, automatic graphic switching, etc.

Prefer Apple’s own applications.

Safari is stronger than Chrome on battery life since Apple only allows Safari for macOS and can format it to be as powerful as possible. Some experiments have shown Chrome turn off will save you up to one hour of battery life, which is huge. So, if you’re not using the Chrome-only stuff, think about running Safari. Also, suggest using Safari for regular browsing, and Chrome for intense Google work if you really need it.

Check the condition of your battery.

Go to the Mac menu bar, press the battery icon, and hold the option key down.

Following are the battery conditions:

Normal: The battery works normally.

Replace Soon: The battery functions correctly but carries less power than when it was new.

Remove Now: The battery functions normally but holds a slightly lower load than it did when it was new. Users can carry on using their battery until they remove it without destroying their Mac.

Service Battery: The battery will not work normally; you must get your Mac serviced. Contact AppleCare or take your Mac to your nearest Apple Store.

Back up your data at every point. You can also go for power banks if nothing works!

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