Insane Tips To Optimize iPhone Storage and Speed [March 2020]

Is your iPhone running slow? Does it lag at times? If yes, then this article is exactly for you. In this article, we uncover ways of how to improve your iPhone’s speed. Without wasting any time, let’s Optimize iPhone Storage and speed.

Hard Reset Your iPhone

Optimize iPhone Storage
hard reset iPhone

The first thing that you need to do is hard reset your iPhone. This will close all of the background apps and it will clear the RAM. However, pay attention to the model you’re using, because different models of iPhone might have different ways of carrying out this process. So, it is imperative that you choose the correct one, based on the model of your iPhone.

Regardless, for iPhone X you need to quickly press and release the volume up button followed by doing the same with the volume down button and finally, you need to press and hold the power button until the iPhone shuts down and restarts. After putting your phone through a hard reset, check if this has improved the performance of your iPhone and this process will optimize iPhone storage and speed immediately.

Look For Excess Storage (Optimize iPhone Storage)

If the first method doesn’t resolve your issue, then the next thing you can do is check how much storage space is left on your iPhone. There should be at least few hundreds of megabytes left so, that the application can load and run properly. In order to do this, you need to tap on the Settings app and then go to ‘general’. Tap on iPhone storage and, check if you have at least a few hundred MBs.

However, if you’ve run out of storage space then make sure that you delete unnecessary applications and files. This will free up some space and, hopefully, provide you with the required amount and in this way you can optimize iPhone storage.

While you’re doing this, let’s utilize this time and tell you another thing that you should do simultaneously with this. At the same time, make sure that if you have installed applications that are graphic intense such as games and video editing apps, these apps do not negatively impact the running speed of your iPhone.

As a rule of thumb, avoid downloading heavy applications on older versions of the iPhone as they have low storage. Moreover, installing heavy applications on older versions makes your phone slow. So, it’s best to install these applications on the newer models.

Check For Pending Updates

If none of the above steps work out for you, then you should try checking for any pending updates pertaining to the apps installed on your phone. For that, go to the App Store and tap on updates. The drop-down list will show you all the updates that need approval. We suggest you tap on the ‘update all’ option as this will install all of the pending updates.

Sometimes, what happens is that some of the apps on your phone require updates to function normally. When you deny the installation of these updates, the apps that require them are not able to work normally. Then they start causing problems for your iPhone which directly affects its speed. Hence, it is recommended that you install all of the pending updates so all of your apps start functioning normally and this process will optimize iPhone storage and speed immediately.

While we are on this subject, another very important thing that you need to check is whether there is a new version of iOS available for your iPhone. Follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Settings–>General–>Software Update

Thereafter, the iPhone will check for the update. If there is any update available, download and install it.

Background App Refresh – iPhone

There are applications that run in the background. Some of these might cause your iPhone to run slowly. What you need to do is follow the following procedure:

Settings–>General–>Background App Refresh

As soon as you tap on background app refresh, you’ll be able to see all of the applications which are running in the background. If you wish to disable all the applications from running in the background then opt for the ‘off’ option.

However, you are advised to not disable all the applications running in the background. There are certain applications that need to run in the background to alert you with notifications. So, be careful with what applications you disable from running in the background.

Take The Bullet

If you are still reading this then it is a safe assumption that your problem has not been resolved yet. As a last resort, you can try your luck with the factory reset option. However, before doing that you might want to consider backing up the iPhone to the iCloud. So, for that, you will have to follow the given procedure:

Settings–>Profile–>iCloud–>iCloud Backup–>Backup Now

Once the backup is complete, go to settings again, tap on general. Then go to reset and select ‘erase all content and setting’. That will remove everything on your iPhone and it will go back to the factory state. We understand it is a really difficult decision to factory reset your phone; you lose all your data and your phone doesn’t look like yours anymore. But, sometimes we got to do the necessary. Check if this works. Hopefully, after doing all of this, your issue will be resolved.

That is it from us here at the Infinity Club. Hope this helps. Stay tuned for further updates!

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