iOS 13 Update: New Features

iOS 13 with tremendously best features:

There are many features available in iOS 13 that are awesome in use. Apple users are very glad to listen about the iOS 13 update. Now, iOS 13 update is available to the users. But many of the users are unaware of the features that are available in iOS 13. In this article, we will tell you about this new iOS 13.

Let’s start with Control Center:

What’s new in Control Center? Yes, there is a great change in control center buttons like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can toggle between the networks by pressing and holding the Wi-Fi button in the control center without opening the settings. Similarly, for Bluetooth, you can switch between the devices by pressing and holding the Bluetooth icon in the control center and don’t need to open the settings for switching to another device.

iOS 13 introduces a new search mechanism:

Messages Search: iOS 13 has improved in the search algorithm also. Now, you can search in individual conversations. Your valuable time is saved when you type a letter and recent messages, links, and images appear before you.

iOS 13 saves the battery life:

You are curious to listen that how iOS 13 update can save the life of the battery. Yes, this is very much possible in iOS 13 with a new feature of Optimized Charging. You can enable this in Settings -> Battery. After enabling this feature your phone will be charged 80% and remaining charging will complete only when you need it.

Zip / Unzip is now easier in iOS 13:

With this new feature in iOS 13 update apple users can zip and unzip files in the Files App. Another new feature related to this is apple users can make nested folders and move files without requiring the iCloud Drive.

Swipe Typing:

Swipe to type

You people are thinking that this feature is very much familiar to you. Yes, this swipe typing was available in third-party apps for many years back. After many updates of iOS, you will be having this swipe type feature in the iOS 13 update.

Undo / Redo also becomes very easy in iOS 13. While typing if you press and hold three fingers new options will appear (Undo / Redo, Copy, Cut and Paste shortcuts). You can also swipe right with three fingers if you just want to undo what have you just typed.

iOS 13 also enhances the News feature:

Apple users are happy to listen about this feature upgrade. Now, people can read news and business-related stuff in Stock App. This feature is currently available in the US, Australia, and the UK and will roll out worldwide soon.

iOS 13 with 3D touch / Haptic:

Yes, this feature is available in the iOS 13 update. You can press and hold down on links to see a preview. On icons, you can press and hold to see the shortcuts and much more.

A new display in Mail:

This mail feature is updated and it has a new display. All the options are available in the reply menu (Reply, Reply All, Forward and Print). You will now have other options too (Move to Junk, Mark as Unread and flagging and Trigger specific notifications).

Yes, this integrates another feature in iOS 13 update, Mute, and Block. This feature will provide users an easy to block a specific sender and send all the emails directly to the trash. You can also mute an email thread if you are getting frequent emails.

Safari Browser in iOS 13:

Dark Mode: This dark mode feature will automatically turn on using CSS code in the safari browser to make it more comfortable in use at night or in dark places.

AutoSave and auto close: This option is used in the safari browser to add all open tabs as bookmarks. Also in settings, you can long-press the tabs icon to automatically close all tabs.

Passwords Strength: Yes in iOS 13 Safari will warn you if you choose weak passwords like “12345678” or “abcdefg” etc.

New Screenshot: Using this feature if you want to take a screenshot of a webpage in Safari, Safari allows you to capture a full-page screenshot by opening a preview box.

Unknown Callers:

Now, in the Phone App, you will be able to silence any calls that are not in your contacts and messages. These callers are directly forwarded to voicemail in the iOS 13 update.

Photos in iOS 13:

Photos are similar to iOS 12 and before. But there is a little change live photos and videos will automatically play (without sound) as you go through the photos app. Another feature in photos app is, it intelligently removes duplicate screenshots and photos from view.

If you want to know more about the features of iOS 13 you can follow this link.

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