iOS 14 Beta – What’s In The Making: Rumors, Renders & Much More

It’s been quite a busy week in the tech world, with more leaks surfacing regarding iOS 14 beta. People were not even finished rejoicing over the release of the latest update for iOS 13 and a new beta version of iOS 14 came out at our disposal. We have gathered the latest information through leaks and renders about a major update that is coming our way. So, get ready all iPhone users because you are in for a ride!

iOS 14 Beta: Expected Changes


Starting with the new iOS ListView feature, we think this could be beneficial for many. Not only will you be able to differentiate between the apps but it would be much more clear for you to see. Moreover, iOS needs to have a transition period. We’ve seen for the past seven years, there haven’t been any major features in terms of a new UI redesign. If this is implemented, you’ll be able to filter through apps much quicker and find apps much better.

This is also similar to the Apple Watch; you would see a ListView and a GridView. Most people tend to prefer the ListView because of the aesthetics but, the grid View is beneficial. This is because if you want to see all apps together GridView is more convenient.

Apple iMessage – Big change?

The ability to recall and mention iMessages has been a long-awaited feature. People have been waiting for this for ages. But before we move ahead, for those of you who don’t know how to mention posts, this has been in Discord and Facebook for a pretty long time. You just need to tap on the @ symbol type their name, and the message would be sent to the recipient.

The ability to recall iMessages has been tested in at the iOS 14 code. Additionally, rumors suggest that macOS could also receive this feature hence, making it a very important feature of the much-anticipated update.

Get ready to up your fitness game!

Also, Apple is preparing a new workout guide for iOS. Apparently, this will be called Fit or Fitness. You’ll be able to download instructional video clips on your iPhone which is big news for fitness freaks. So, if you are a cycling fan or, in that matter, fancy any kind of workout, this feature is dedicated to you.

That is not all. The Apple Watch also appears to help track your progress through the workout routine. So, having this app connected with the Apple Watch would complement your daily workout pretty well.

It also appears that Apple will offer new characterizations for the wallpapers on iOS. There will be, most probably, a large collection of dynamic wallpapers. Rest assured, you will still have wallpapers with an option to choose images to be your wallpapers. This seems really exciting, but Apple is setting new changes in the wallpapers to feature for iOS 14. It is going to be probably the most anticipated update because Apple has not had a rich history of producing brilliant wallpapers. So, to have an amazing change like this would pretty much revolutionize the whole app.

Bonus News

Let’s talk about handwriting recognition. It is expected that the PencilKit will receive a popped up window if you want to use that in iOS. This will be implemented in iOS 14 and should be implemented because it has been overdue for a long time.

Also, a lot of home key changes are expected to be featured. We have known a lot of stuff about the latest build but it is nothing compared to the upcoming version. The upcoming build will be amazing.

However, remember that these are leaks and some of them are still rumors. So, it won’t be a surprise, if we do not see all of these features implemented into iOS 14.

That’s it from us here at the Infinity Club. Stay tuned for further updates.

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