What are the most interesting iPhone tips and tricks?

This article is for those iPhone users who are always in eager to know about some iPhone tips and tricks. In this article you will come to know about the most useful iPhone tips which will equip you with the best ones.

Set exact times in iOS Calendar

To smoothly switch between the standard 5-minute increment and the secret 1-minute setting when making or updating an event, simply double-tap the spinning time button.

Note how the minute wheel numbers move from intervals of 5 to 1 minute, and vice versa. Yes, you can spin your time slider in intervals of one minute with just a quick double-tap instead of making it spin in intervals of five minutes as normal.

123 Gliding at the key

Do not let go immediately if you tap and hold the 123 button on the iOS keyboard stock: rather, slide the finger across the keyboard to the key you need, then let go. You hit the selected key and the keyboard returns to its usual configuration, saving you taps.

Use two-finger taps to select texts, emails, files, and files on your iPhone quickly

Here is how to easily reach the editing features in the main messages list and save time against having to click the Edit button which is difficult to navigate.
1) Open the Messages app, and go to the list of messages.
2) Press two fingers to any message line.
3) Now move up or down with two fingers to pick several texts.

Simply swipe up or down with one finger to scroll through your message list when in Edit mode.

You can apply this method to select multiple emails, notes, and files at the same time as well.

iPhone tips and tricks

Add reactions to your received messages

If someone sends you an iMessage on your iPhone or iPad, you can do more than just answer it; you can send your response to the message, starting with iOS 10.

You’ll need to tap and hold on someone’s iMessage to give a reaction. You’ll see a bubble after you do, with some new options to respond to whatever they said.

You can react heart, HAHA, question mark, thumbs up, thumbs down and exclamation mark.

Uninstall and rearrange applications on the home screen

Rearrange applications:

iOS 13.0 makes full use of Haptic Touch gestures that replace the 3D Touch feature. When communicating with your Home screen, this is most noticeable. Pressing a Home screen icon with 3D Touch before iOS 13 will pull up a 3D Touch shortcut menu. Tapping and holding an icon will activate the jiggle icon mode to move and arrange Home screen icons.

Uninstall Applications:

iOS 13.2 lets you uninstall a single application by 3D Touching or by using Haptic Touch on your home screen icon, then move your finger to pick Uninstall option from the context menu and let it go.



Move Applications on Home screen quickly:

Rather than moving a home screen icon to the side of the screen to move to the next page, keep holding it with one finger and swipe with another finger between the home screens to shift the selected application where you’d like quickly.

Shift several applications on the iPhone and iPad at once

Tap and hold a Home screen icon while entering jiggling icon mode, then tap other icons to gather them into a set. This allows several icons to be shifted in bulk.

Switching between multiple applications

In the iOS application switcher, you can force-close multiple apps by swiping multiple fingers onto their thumbnails.

Indent in notes by swiping

If in Notes you are in a numbered row, swipe to decrease or increase the indent left or right with a finger. That is a perfect way to make a line a toggle.

Rearrange Cards for Wallet

To set a card as a default, tap and hold a card in Wallet, drag it where you want it to be: i.e. push the Apple Cash Card to the top of the list.

Stop playing music or videos on your iPhone automatically by setting up the timer

Tap the When Timer Ends option in the Timer section of the Clock app, and pick the Stop Playing button from the pop-up menu to avoid playing music (such as your favorite playlist) when the timer is off.
It is especially useful as a way to restrict the use of your device: use the Stop Playing option to set a target alarm time and the system will automatically lock when your run time has expired, allowing you to enter your pass code until you need it again.

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