How to Open Multiple Applications in Slide Over on iPad

iPad users will be happy to listen about the iPadOS 13 release. This release comes with some of the new features like Multiple Apps slide over on the iPad. This slide over feature introduced by Apple has turned it into a little iPhone window on the iPad. This will help you open multiple apps (or multiple instances of the same app) in Slide Over View and you can independently switch and manage them. This article shows you how to open multiple apps in Slide Over the floating window on the iPad.

Slide Over View iPadOS 13

Open Multiple Apps Slide Over on iPad

Now we will show you how this new slide over feature works on the iPad.

Step 1: First open an app. Swipe this app up to bring the dock and tap and hold on an app.


Step 2: Swipe your finger up to the middle of the screen and then lift it. The app will open in the Slide OverView. You can also grab a part of an app, this can be turned into a new window using Slide OverView.

Slide Over View step 2

 Step 3: If you want to open another app in Slide OverView, grab the app and drop it on the top of Slide Over window. This will replace the app with a new one.

Slide Over View step 3
Slide Over View step 3

How to Switch Between Slide Over Windows on iPad 

Step 1: Now you have two different Slide over apps open, and you can see a Home bar at the bottom of the slide over panel (Similar to iPhone).

Step 2: For switching between the slide over apps just swipe horizontally on the home bar and now you can switch between slide over apps.

How to Quit Slide Over Window

Step 1: This slide over feature feels just like an iPhone and it has its multitasking mechanism. Swipe up in the Slide Over View from the home bar.

Slide Over View Quit step 1
Slide Over View Quit step 1

Step 2: This will show the entire Slide Over View windows. Swipe horizontally to see all the open windows in the Slide OverView. Tap on one app to switch to it.

Step 3: To quit the Slide OverView, just swipe up on the preview.

I hope you have enjoyed successfully opening the multiple apps in slide over view. You may like these articles about iPhone.


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