How To Root Android by App : Safe and Easy

This article will guide you to root Android by app. Now, before going ahead and show you how can you get an Android phone rooted, let’s first consider the benefits that you can get out of root.

Benefits Of Rooting

Basically root enables you to work as a developer so you get administrative access inside of your hands. Let’s say you just bought a brand new Android device that has a lot of bloatware. Now, having the root access enables you to get rid of all that bloatware not only that you can also change the way your Android system looks like. So, there are a lot of benefits to having the root access. With that being said, let’s move on to the smartphone rooting procedure.

Rooting Essentials

Root Stage# 1: Gathering Tools

First and the foremost thing is to check the legitimacy of any root claim. For that, I would like to let you know about an application that is used to check the root status on an Android device. For that, you have to get inside of Play Store. You have to look for this application which is called Root Checker. So, go ahead and install this application on your Android device and then open it up. On opening the application, you will find a button, if it says ‘verify root’ then go ahead and tap on that. Then this application will let you know whether your device is rooted or not.

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Root Stage# 2: Root Android by App

Let’s move on to the PC side where we will let you know what you have to do in order to get your phone rooted. Now, if you’re going to make use of an application that’s gonna help us in getting our Android device rooted; that is Doctor Fone. Install it on your PC and then open it up. After opening the application, on the right side, you will find an option which says ‘root’ so, go ahead and tap on that.

After that you will be asked to connect your phone to PC but, before you go ahead and connect your phone to PC there is one option that you have to enable and for that, you have to get inside your settings and then you have to move to ‘About Device’. Then you have to tap on build number seven times. Stop after you see that the developer options have been enabled. Then go back and you will find the developer options being enabled.

root android  by app
root checker

Root Stage# 3: USB Debugging

So, you have to get inside of these settings here you have to look for USB debugging. You have to enable them and after that, you can go ahead and connect your phone to PC. Then you will be asked for the USB debugging permission on your smartphone so, go ahead and allow that.

After that, this application will start detecting video devices rooted or not and if it’s not rooted you will be given an option to root your Android device. After which you will have to tap on start. At this point, this application will start downloading certain packages that are necessary to get your phone rooted so, your phone might restart a couple of times.

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During this process your phone might even get inside of recovery mode so you don’t have to panic about that; you just got to give it some time. It will take almost 20 minutes so, you have to be patient. After this process reaches the 100% mark, you will be able to root your android device.

Following this, the app will display a message saying ‘The program has found a proper solution to root your phone. You can root your phone with one click.’ You just have to go ahead and tap on the ‘root now’ button and that’s gonna start the rooting process. Now, this process will also take some time, so you will have to bear with it.  However, this is the last tab and eventually, your phone will be rooted after it completes.

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