Samsung One UI 2: Top list of essentials for users!

Hello to all the Samsung fans out there! This article is all you need to get a complete idea about the hidden features of Samsung One UI 2. So, sit back, grab your Galaxy device and let us guide you to some of the One UI’s hidden features that you never knew about.

Samsung One UI 2
Samsung One UI 2

Samsung One UI 2

Freeze Apps

The first hidden feature of One UI 2 is the ability to freeze apps that you barely use or open. To access this feature, follow the following procedure:

settings–>device care–>battery–>app power management–>enable put unused apps to sleep

Then within the sleeping apps menu, every app that you barely use would be automatically added to this list. Sleeping apps won’t ever be able to run in the background. They may never receive updates or send you notifications. If you wish, you can also manually add apps or remove them by long-pressing them. 

The next feature is found within the same section. Just head back to the battery menu and jump into power mode. There you will see various modes that you can enable, it should automatically be set to optimized. However, here is a protip: enable the bottom setting called adaptive power saving to save you even more battery life.

This option will analyse your phone usage pattern and based on that, it will automatically switch between the different power modes so, when you need high-performance they will know and when you don’t need to use that much power, the performance will be lowered a bit to save you a bit of juice.


One of the great things about One UI is how feature packing customizable the always-on display is. There’s also a hidden trick that not many people know about! In the settings search up clock style and then select always-on display.

From there on, scroll to the style that is two boxes away from the calendar, then tap on the plus icon and you’ll be able to add any image or GIF from your gallery. Lastly, if you tap on the next box over this clock style will show you any upcoming calendar events on your always-on display.


Next up in this list of hidden features of One UI 2, is a way to temporarily hide all your notifications on the lock screen and disable all your bio-metric unlocking methods just by enabling an extra button in the power menu. It’s called lockdown mode and within any screen including the lock screen you can jump into the power menu toggle and your phone will lock itself and hide all your notifications. Once you unlock the phone everything will go back to normal.

It’s just a great way to quickly hide your notifications so, you don’t get distracted. You can find this feature by going to the settings–>lock screen–>secure lock settings, putting your password and, then enabling show lockdown option. 

Flash Notification

Moving on to the fifth hidden One UI feature. For those who want an extra way of getting notified when they receive a notification, you can have your flashlight turn into an LED notifier. Yes, that is for real! Just search a flash notification in the settings and enable camera flash. Moreover, you can even make your screen flash brightly.

My Files App

Samsung has an app called my files. Aside from showing you everything on your phone storage, it also lets you free up space quickly. There’s a feature called analyze storage. Enabling it will let you delete duplicate files. It will show you your biggest files that are taking up space and show you your old files that haven’t been open in weeks or months. This a pretty fast app by Google maybe, a bit more powerful but if you don’t want to download an extra app you always have this option.

And that wraps it up from us, folks! Stay tuned for further updates.

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