How To Transfer Data Using Zapya

How to transfer files from one device to another is a good question. This question arises when someone needed to transfer data. The best app name that I know is “Zapya File Transfer App”. File sharing is no longer a problem because of Zapya App. It’s a most relaxed and effective way to transfer data using Zapya.

If we talk about the past as we all know that there are few ways like Bluetooth or using Data Cable. As we know that these processes are very slow, But Zapya App is the rapid and wireless process to Transfer Data from one device to another. It works on both PCs as well as on smartphones. This is helpful to both Androids and IOS users to transfer data.

How To Transfer Data Using Zapya:

1. First, install Zapya on your device from the following link.                                                 
2. Connect both devices on the same Wi-Fi network.
3. After installation creates a group in the App to Send and Receive files.
4. Now select any file you want to send and tap on the “Send” button.
5. On the IOS devices, First, connect to the Wi-Fi and then Launch the Zapya App.

You can easily download it from the App store or Google App. Both devices can send and receive Apps, Files, Videos, Music and Photos, etc. Make sure that you have installed Zapya on both devices and ready to transfer data using Zapya.

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