What’s new about Google Pixel Buds 2?

In an age when truly wireless earbuds are the hot new trend, Google decided to launch its new second-generation Google Pixel Buds 2. First-generation Pixel Buds were quite expensive and were not wireless.

Google Pixel Buds 2 are personalized to your comfort, based on thousands of ear scans. You get a custom-made, comfortable fit while the spatial ventilation leaves you open to the world around. They’re now completely wireless at $179, have enhanced sound quality, and would be the first completely wireless earbuds to deliver Google Assistant hands-free voice controls.

Amazing Features.

Much improved model and High-quality audio.

Google Pixel Buds 2 provides high-quality audio with its custom-designed 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers. When you switch between loud and quiet areas, Adaptive Sound adjusts the sound so you don’t have to blend in with your surroundings. The earbud has a gentle “stabilizer arc,” which is intended to help the Pixel Buds stay fixed in your ears. A tiny window minimizes the feeling of plugged-ear, and lets you remain aware. Play, pause, and adjust the volume according to the need.

The earbuds aren’t as convenient as the first-gen, but for being completely wireless this is a good trade-off.
Now they have more of a conventional rubberized earbud-style with tips that go deeper into your ear to help keep the whole thing in place. This, of course, offers greater passive noise reduction and vibration but also produces a wider field of contact with the ear.

Wireless charging.

You can easily charge your Pixel Buds case either with a USB-C cable or on a wireless charging pad. Expect up to 5 hours with one charge, or carry with you the charging case to enjoy up to 24 hours of listening without any concern. The charging case has its battery status light and a single LED signaling a charge for both earbuds. The touch controls are adjusted well, the audio feedback is good and the changes in volume are seamless.

Google Assistant Hands-Free.

The shedding of wire has helped Google to build a lighter design that fits comfortably and easily in the ears. Don’t think about getting your Google Pixel Buds misplaced. By making them ring, use Find My Device to locate the earbuds.

Fast pairing on Android phones.

Google Pixel also links them conveniently with any Bluetooth ® 4.0 + laptops, smartphones, Android, and iOS devices with just a single tap.

They’re tiny, charming, and fairly comfortable, have perfect touch controls, and well-balanced sound quality that adjusts automatically to block out changes in background noise. Always great is call efficiency going the other way, for those who need it.

The latest Google Pixel Buds 2 have an outstanding case design, great-sounding earbuds, and lots of cool new features that enhance the entire experience. Even with its limited configuration and average battery life, they are worth the cost.

You can compare these buds with Apple Airpods pro.

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